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(Photgraphed by Una Chen 1977, at Univ of California, Berkeley, California, USA. Dr. Tien-Chi Chen, age 63 and Mrs. Shun Chen, age 59)



My father,

Tien-Chi, Sky Chen, M.D., Ph.D., Professor 




(Photographed by Una Chen, 1977,

at Univ of California, Berkeley, California, USA,

Dr. Tien-Chi Chen, age 63 and Mrs. Shun Chen, age 59)


Director of Shun-Tien Hospital, 

President of Taichung Rotary Club,

Founder, Director of Board of Trustee, and President of

Central Taiwan University of Science and Techology. 


Author: Una Chen, Date: 07.01.2010, una.chen@gmx.de,

                 www.rescue-society.org, www.ispiev.org,

                 edited by Lucien Caro 


Dr. Tien-Chi Chen was born on 20.12.1914 in a year of the Tiger; he died at age 96. The life of Dr. Tien-Chi Chen and Mrs. Shun Chen (was born on 28.06.1918, died at age 86) can be summarized as follows:

1. Beloved by their offsprings: 

Great Dad and Mom for their 5 children, Grand-Pa and Grand-Ma for 11 grandchildren and 5 grand-grandchildren

2. Contributed to the Chen family: 

They were the respectable elder brother (Ni-San) and sister-in-law for the Chen family 

3. Performed community work: 

Dr. Tien-Chi and his wife, cared and treated sick people in five cities and counties of central Taiwan including Taichung city, Taichung county, Nantao, Chionhua, Yuanlin. 

    3a. Founders and Director of Shun-Tien Hospital

    3b. Sole Founders and Directors of Board of Trustee, and

            President of Taiwan Central University of Science and Technology (CTU).

    3c. Founders of Taiwan Preventive Medical-Health Care Cooperation

    3d. Director of Taichung Rotary Club


4. Contributed to medical research: 

In the medical field, he initiated research and therapy of thyroid and diabetic diseases, and created the Taiwan diabetic society. He published numerous scientific and opinion articles.

5. Contributed to the nation: 

He was one of the top ten prominent persons in Taiwan education system. 


A senior wiseman has often mentioned that
“Until today, nobody in Taiwan has broken the prominent record of the medical skill and medical ethic of Dr. Tien-Chi Chen“

Thinking about the life experiences of my father, Dr. Chen Tien-Chi, I could say: 

His life showed a man who could declare that 

“I came to this world empty handed, and I left this world empty handed. 

I have no regret in my life, because I have done what I should have done“. 


Toward the end of each day, I have learned to ask myself: 

What have I contributed today 

-to myself? 

-to the family? 

-to the community? 

-to the nation? 

-to the mankind? 


PS: There exists a Power Point Presentation (ppt) with approximately 100 photographs, contributed by children, friends, co-workers and colleagues of Dr. Tien-Chi Sky Chen (special thanks to three colleagues of CTU: Hai-Nan Chung, Ron-Yee Gin, and Sze-Chung Tsu). The ppt was presented by Dr. Una Chen at the memorial service in honor of Dr. Tien-Chi Chen that took place at Central Taiwan University of Science and Technology on 13.10.2009. It was compiled by Dr. Una Chen, Su-hua Chen-Wang and G. S. Wang, from 26.09.2009 to 06.10.2009.